Who Am I?

Hi there, I'm Adam. Sydney born and raised. I grew up on Bondi Beach... not on the beach. We had a house. My parents owned a Mexican restaurant right on the beachfront for ten years. So there I was, a 7 year old crushing boxes and cheesing up enchiladas. I've been in the workforce for a long time. Ask me about my Taco and Margarita tattoos. Yes, this is how I justify choices I made in Bali.

As I went into my teens, I found an affinity for the performing arts. Acting in local musical productions, performing a bit of stand up and MCing events from when I was 14. I still work as a part-time drama and Improv Teacher.

This is where I fell into celebrancy. Adding a bit of my innate performer and writer to two people's special day. Before you ask, yes, I was a featured celebrant on MAFS, I'll tell you all about it one day. I can't believe this is my job. I am so humbled that I get to be a part of the happiest day of a couple's life. And if I can make that day as epic as possible for you, I will do whatever it takes. Well not anything... hmm, maybe. Call me. I'll see.

It's all well and good to hear me say it but why not check out my reviews on Facebook. Let the people decide!


He wrote the most perfect ceremony for us, and managed to perfectly summarise who we are as a couple. He was quick-witted and responsive to unexpected ceremony events - A + A


The best review i've ever received.

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He was great at guiding us through the marriage process even during a pandemic and was a comforting sight when we were both nervous as on the day! I can confirm he can multitask like a pro and seamlessly coordinated our ceremony and our requested music - C + W

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saraH + LIAM

When we first got engaged, Adam was the first celebrant that stood out to us whilst trawling through Google. Instantly we thought, wow this is totally our celebrant, but alas... booked. It's no surprise though, anyone in their right mind would book him early because even at first glance on google we could tell that he was a special, charismatic and talented person.

We moved on, begrudgingly, with a slight hole in our wedding planning hearts and booked another celebrant, who was good... But we knew Adam was the celebrant that got away.

As we approached our wedding date we got the news, global pandemic... Which meant just one thing... ADAM WAS NO LONGER BOOKED FOR OUR NEW DATE, thank god for covid!

Whilst waiting an extra year to get married was not ideal, in all honesty, having Adam as our celebrant was a silver lining in our covid wedding.

Adam was everything we thought he would be as our celebrant, plus so much more.

Adam was so good that people thought he was a really entertaining, charming, hilarious and extremely articulate family member or family friend.

They would say, which side of the family is he on?
but how did he know you both so well? He captured the essence of your relationship like only someone close to you could, what do you mean you only met him twice?

He certainly has a very unique ability to become a friend in an instant.

Even though it has been several months since our wedding, we still hear almost weekly "Your celebrant was just something else, absolutely amazing" "He was the best celebrant I've ever seen" "God your celebrant was so talented" "If I ever get married then I am booking your celebrant" "That was the best wedding ceremony I've ever been to, and I've been going to weddings for 40 years." To say we are still to this day getting rave reviews is an understatement.

Adam has the most beautiful nature, he is effortlessly funny, so comfortable and reassuring. He was enthusiastic about creating the ceremony that we wanted and took our ideas and simply elevated them. He has a thoughtful and considerate attention to detail and we felt so blessed to have him with us on our wedding day.

Words do not do justice to what Adam added to our wedding, he was perfect for us and we could not have imagined being married by anyone else.

If I had one tip for any other couples reading these reviews and considering booking Adam, it would be, don't delay, book him today or you'll spend the rest of your life thinking about the celebrant that got away.