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APRIL 28, 2022

Aubree & Christan


About Me 2

Ahh where do I begin!!

Adam stuck by us through not one, but three wedding dates due to postponements.

He made the whole process such a breeze and his warm witty nature made the whole experience so much fun.

Our wedding day was incredible.. more then we could have ever imagined and a big part of that is thanks to him. 

He tailored our ceremony perfectly to us and all our guests have not stopped raving on about him since. 

So much so, they all assumed he had to be one of our close mates! and strangely enough, we both came out of the whole experience feeling the same way. 

His ability to create a loving, warm, funny and meaningful experience is one in a million.

When you book Adam, you're booking one of the key aspects of your day, and it will be one that you and your guests will not be disappointed with.

He made us both feel so comfortable and kept our wedding relaxed, fun & cheeky but also full of love just like we had always imagined our special day being.

My only other recommendation is that you also book him as your MC. 


He is an absolute VIBE! 

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