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About Me 2

Do you travel?

Hell yeah I do! I'm Newcastle based but travel far and wide. Just let me know where to in your enquiry and I will advise whether there is an additional travel fee.

Is this your full time job?

Yep! This is it. I went fulltime at the start of 2020 (good timing, right?!) and haven't looked back since. Being a fulltime cele means I can focus all of my energy on my couples and make sure that they have the absolute best experience possible. My whole head is in the game. And boy, it's got the circumference.

What is your fee?

My fees are based on a couple of things - the day of the week, location and what package you are after. Just fill out the form on my contact page and I'll send you back a quote in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


LOVE IS LOVE. Enough said?

Do you bring along a PA and Microphone?

Indeed I do! I've got a top of the line battery operated Bose PA and Sennheiser Wireless Microphone that is included in my packages. You can even play your ceremony music through my PA if you do not have live music at your ceremony!

Do we have to write vows? Do you help with this?

Quick answer- No and Yes. Long Answer - By law in Australia, both parties have a legal vow that they must say during the ceremony. This is it, all you've got to do legally. Some couples choose to write some personalised vows for one another, which is awesome. And others, decide not to because it's not their thing and that's cool too. If you do decide you would like to write vows, I've got a nifty little guide to get you started and then I can give you some personal feedback as well!

Do you share a script with the couple prior to the ceremony?

I don't. I like to keep my ceremonies really organic and authentic. To get the best reactions out of my couples, I don't share exactly what I am going to say beforehand. This way I get legitimate belly laughs and real tears. Saying this, it's not a stitch up. Everything that I say is provided by the couple through the questionnaires and in our meetings - so there won't be any rude shocks. Prior to the day, we meet up to plan the ceremony, once we have everything set in stone, I run through blow by blow exactly how the ceremony is going to run. This way everyone is feeling super confident on where they stand, what they say etc. And then there's that fun little surprise of what your partner said about you in their questionnaire! Saucy!

Do we need to do a rehearsal with you beforehand?

Just like the above, we like to keep things as organic as possible over here at MBA central! No rehearsal is required from my end. Before the day, I'll run you through everything that is going to go down, so you are feeling ready. But, really, you don't need to know anything. Just enjoy it as it comes, I've got this. Once you are all down the end of the aisle, I take the helm and will direct you as we go. I’ll show everyone where to stand and then we are on. I believe in spontaneity on the day and a formal rehearsal with your celebrant can make it a bit stiff.

How do we book you? Do you require a booking fee?

Just fill out the form on my contact page baby. To lock it all in I'll send you a booking form and will ask for a 50% booking fee to lock it all in.

How far in advance should we reach out to you?

Straight away! I get booked up pretty quickly and cap the number of bookings I take for a year. Unfortunately, I send more emails saying "sorry, I'm unavailable" than "yay, I'm free!" SO, as soon as you've got your day, reach out! Lock it in. Even before you've got your day, reach out! I'll let you know what dates I'm still available for.

Is everything included to legally get us hitched?

Of course! I sort all that fun paperwork and legal stuff for you. I make sure your Notice gets completed, bring a long all sorts of paperwork on the day and then register it once we are all donezo! Once you are married, I'll send you a link to order an Official Certificate of Marriage from Births Deaths and Marriages, so you can start the name change process if that's the lane you're going down.

I've got even more questions...

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