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OCTOBER 1, 2022

Miles & Sarah


About Me 2

We couldn't speak more highly of Adam!

When we set out to get married, we wanted to throw a party. A celebration of everyone and everything special to us. From arriving together and dancing onto the green, drawing our witnesses out of hat and signing our certificate in the pokies room, we wanted the day to be a reflection of us and nothing remotely normal.

We wanted a celebrant that would match the brief and help make it a reality. Adam expected the challenge with gusto and goodness did he deliver!

From our initial meeting, helping with the creation of our vows, and answering all of our (many) questions, Adam was a pleasure to deal with and made sure we were comfortable and confident. The intimacy that Adam brings to his ceremonies is something else and meant that it felt like we had one of our closest friends delivering the ceremony. The endless laughter, joy, spontaneity and a cheeky rick roll that Adam brought was so refreshing and engaging.

Definitely recommend and again can't speak more highly of this amazing human being. He was the talk of the wedding and rightfully so!

Miles & Sarah Ruge

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